How can Board software support Board decision making?


How to choose the best board room meeting software?

Basic needs that help to guide the process of decision making while choosing the right platform for boardroom meetings.


Due to a rising number of new threads and new global and economic development, the technical side of modern boardroom meetings must keep up with the times.

Highest productivity of meetings demands fast and efficient solutions in software.

Management tools must adapt to this ever-changing landscape with qualities that enhance teamwork, protecting the company’s most sensitive information, and combine data and insights from day-to-day management, risk and compliance teams, to the senior and directors board.


Being the keystone of up to date management best practices, board software must meet two main requirements –

  • show high productivity and collaboration for the board,
  • be secure and easily used across the company.


Let’s look at some critical categories that should be taken into consideration when analyzing board software.


Video conferencing tools start with organizing video meetings for users. Participants of the meeting can find basic solutions focused on simplicity and comfort while using, as well as on more advanced solutions full of different features. Some platforms are designed to bring all of an enterprise’s communications needs into one place, managing phone systems, Internet faxes, voicemail, and call routing. Other platforms can be designed with the needs of customer service businesses in mind and make it easy to control and view user devices. Regardless of the business needs, a solution that meets all the items on the checklist can be found.

Protection and security

Using an online conferencing platform without proper protection and security can put you, your participants, and your company at risk. Board members have access to a company’s most confidential and privileged date, making them prime targets

for cybercriminals. As you evaluate board management platform providers, pay special

attention to how seriously they take security, whether they invest in security enhancements, and how they reduce the risks associated with a possible break.


Ease of use

Meetings should be simple. The same postulate should be true for board room meeting software. A traditional meeting involves visiting a meeting room and sitting at the table. Therefore, a web conference should be just as easy for users. What is more important, meeting hosts don’t want participants to have a bad interface experience or have trouble joining a meeting. Most video chat platforms solve this problem. Some platforms even let you set up a meeting with one click, automatically dialing other users to add them. Ease of use should be on top consideration when choosing video conferencing software. Fighting against technology should not be the main focus of the discussion.


With such a wide range of features offered by the platforms, there is also a wide price range. There are numerous video conferencing systems available at any price point. Some platforms are free and supported by additional options. In this case the facilities of platforms may be limited, but they can be a cost-effective solution for small businesses. The main question a company should ask before considering a price is whether the product meets their needs. It’s also important to remember that many of these platforms can help businesses cut costs in other areas.

Customer service

Of course, technology can fail. Having quality customer support in case of problems can be an advantage, especially for new users. At a basic level, all web conferencing tools should have a knowledge base that users can browse in one form or another. Most paid platforms also offer live customer support via phone, email, or live chat. Some platforms go one step further by providing a dedicated customer service manager and hosting one-to-one meetings with new users. These customer support features are typically only available on top-tier enterprise platforms, but they can be an important selling point for businesses that want to make the best impression at the very first video conference.